About Me


Thank you for your interest in Vibe NFTs which started out of the desire to share my NFT art with family and friends. As things progressed and more designs were being created, iWear NFTs and Vibe NFTs Collection was born. Designs were reworked and created to look aesthetically pleasing from the smart watch to custom sneakers, bags and wearables into the metaverse.

This is just the beginning for fashion, art and technology and I am excited to be a part of it. Vibe NFTs is a female led project. I am looking for reliable people to participate in this journey and hold stake in the company. The possibilities are limitless. Now is the time to purchase your Vibe NFT designs to become part of history.

I hope to meet up with all holders in our gallery on Spatial. Spatial.io is an interactive platform where I have taken up residency to share Vibe NFTs with the world. I look forward the opening and seeing you there.

Do not miss NFT VIBE CHECK podcast to get an inside look at NFT creators and their journey in the NFT ecosystem; learn and laugh as we talk about NFTs. The podcast is available on Amazon Music, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Follow @vibenfts_ on social for updates on new designs and other amazing adventures!