Vibe NFTs

Welcome to Vibe NFTs. Vibe NFTs is the first NFT collection designed specifically for sneakers, digital wearables, trading cards as well as digital motion display. Eventually you will be able to take Vibe NFTs along with you into the Metaverse to flex your personal style. The Vibe NFT collection is a collection of uniquely designed NFTs, created to be a collectible NFTs as well as make a fashion statement. Vibe NFTs merge art, fashion and technology.

Enjoy a sample of our portfolio. Vibe NFTs is made up of MINT ON DEMAND NFTs sold at and the original Vibe Collection listed on Open Sea available on the ethereum blockchain. Vibe NFTs Collection gives the OG holder a unique opportunity to be a part of a brand that is paving the way to reach the masses. In addition to NFTs we broadcast Vibe NFT Check Podcast, publish journals under Vibe Check Press, and create custom clothing. Why is this good for NFT holders? Brand awareness is being built which will make your NFTs more valuable as time goes on. We pride ourselves on brand integrity.

Check out the NEW and exciting VIBE COLLECTION of fun, funky designs to pair with shoes, backpacks, skateboards and more! Shop the signature Vibe collection of merchandise and limited edition NFTs on

Color Vibes on Open Sea

Color Vibes Collection focuses on the emotional vibes evoked by various colors. By digitally manipulating photographs and procreate graphics I am able to translate abstract emotion into something tangible. Below is just a sample of the Color Vibes Collection listed on Open Sea. The ip rights are only given where noted.

VIBE NFTs – Open Sea
Vibe NFTs – Open Sea
Vibe NFTs – Open Sea


In addition, we offer limited edition NFTs at . They are fun, whimsical NFTs created out of original photographs. This is an easy way to get in to NFTs if you do not have a crypto wallet to make a payment. PayPal and credit cards are accepted. This is the perfect way to jump in to our brand for first timers. These NFTs look amazing on print applications.


Each week I dive deep with a member of the NFT community to laugh, learn and talk about their journey in the NFT ecosystem.

Vibe with Brainshambles of Anxious Bulldogs NFT Vibe Check

Enjoy listening to Brainshambles of Anxious Bulldogs as we sip some wine and discuss being in the NFT space as women. Learn, laugh and find out a secret revelation of what’s to come for Anxious Bulldogs! Cheers!
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